Mini Labradoodles
Below are some of our Mini Labradoodles Dams & Sires.

These Doodles are not for Sale

Milo Multi Generation 1/2 American Pedigree and 1/2 Australian PEdigree
Charlie Brown is a real Character ! very smart boy

Annabelle Lee is only 22 lbs.
Jack a Mini Red Doodle

Ruby says " If these big Doods pick on me this is what I am going to do to them ! Lick em all over so they will love me
Updated picture of our Mini Labradoodle Mango that went to live with Ana in Miami Raisin Canes Mini Doodle he is so darling !

Here is Mini Cream Colored Mario with his new People Family the Kindermans in Atlanta. Daddy Kinderman flew down and took Mario back home for kids as surprize !
Bailey will live in Mass half the year and Boynton Beach the half with her new people Mike and Sharon

Jedi in his new home !
Ruby Tuesday is as sweet as she looks !

MoJo lives in Apopka and is a darling Mini Doodle he is brother to Cali, Jedi, Bailey in the pictures below What a grand looking boy we made

Cali Mini Doodle in the Snow 12/07
Our new Mini Black & White Doodle from Tina in PA at Bad Company Labradoodles

Herbie the Man is about 27 lbs and just a delight to own
Crissy is a Micro Mini and will only get 12 lbs full grown

Holly Berry is a Mini from Ruby x Charlie Brown litter and will live here at Bay Lake with Marcia
Inky is our Blue Merle Mini Labradoodle wt only 6 lbs at 6 months

Flame is Small Moyen Poodle not Mini and not Standard only 27 lbs
Reese Pup again outside

Blue Merle Doodle and brother Pipsi are 14 weeks now
2/10 Hello Marcia, We’ve been meaning to email you for ages, and hope that you are well. Please find attached two photographs of Sophie, our adorable mini labradoodle from Ruby and Herbie’s litter. Sophie is almost 10lbs now, and is doing great. She’s completely house trained, and like Ruby, has a wonderful temperament. Her beautiful coat and tuxedo markings draw admiring glances and comments where ever we go. Thank you for breeding such a fabulous dog! Best wishes Sharon & Steve

Ellie & Herbie Ellie is full sister to Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday is Preg 7 10

Rebel the Choc Mini Doodle went to new home 7 2010 Make your own website